Custom Web Applications

We build powerful and scalable web apps that are custom made using agile development processes leveraging the latest web technologies. Web Applications have evolved to a point where they provide levels of interactivity and usability that rival native applications. We leverage these latest technological advances with thoughtful design and serious engineering to build tailored solutions for any industry.

Enterprise Resourse Planning System (ERP)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. ERP software typically integrates all facets of an operation — including product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing — in a single database, application and user interface.

  • Accounting, Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • Purchasing, Reporting & Analytics Functionality
  • Supply chain & Distribution process management
  • Human resources and payroll management system

Web Application

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is a software that covers all aspects of interaction that a company has with its customer, whether it is sales or service-related. It's a business strategy that helps you to better understand your customer, retain customers, provide excellent customer service, win new clients and increase profitably. CRM software will collect, manage and link information about the customer. You can use CRM software to create marketing campaigns, view a customer's entire of history of interactions with your business and use it to streamline daily business and sales tasks.

  • Organize marketing efforts, manage the sales pipeline, streamline your sales processes,
  • Automates customer service, track a customer's interactions with your business, managing contacts and business leads

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